As Of 08 08 2008

X-periment 08

X-periment 08 is an exhibition held at Marina Square, August 15th – 17th. We will be showcasing BlogWall and Rodney’s AirMix. I have developed simple visuals for this exhibition. The application uses all the new tools we have developed so far; SMSReader, DataProcessor and PorstProcess. This is a good opportunity to test this application in a real situation before delivering it to LTA. Hopefully large number of people will come to this event and send SMS to BlogWall.


Fig 1. Visual for X-periment 08

Since I didn’t have much time to do the visual, so I have developed a simple visual. For the fonts I used FTGL font library. It is an open source library. I had to solve many problems related to versioning of the libraries. FTGL make use of freetype font library. But I have to find the correct combination of freetype and FTGL to compile the FTGL library source code. The display I developed is similar to movie credits at the end of a movie. The poetry information is supplied from previously developed application. The information is held in a queue. When the queue is full the oldest one is removed from the queue.

When the application gets started and after every 4 minutes system randomly generates poetry. The system randomly selects a line of poetry from the system and feed it to “sms” table. Then DataProcessor carry out normal process and generate the poetry. Following SQL will select line_count number of lines from poemlines table.

SELECT poemlines.poem_text FROM `poemlines` ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT " + line_count;

The the found poetry lines get inserted to sms table. Note that the telephone number is set to BLOGWALL_ADMIN

INSERT INTO sms(sms_text,sms_telephone) VALUES('"+ msg->Replace("'","''") +"','BLOGWALL_ADMIN')

LTA visual - 01

Makino has sent first version of the visual this week. The visuals make use of freetype font library, opengl and boost libraries. The application only demonstrated that text can be displayed on the screen. I have configured it to run it on my computer.


Fig 2. Visual 01

LTA visual – 02

This visual has more dynamic text. It does construct the shrine and explosion but the text is hard coded.


Fig 3. Visual 02

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