As Of 15 08 2008

Test 2

I have completed the second test for the application. I have used SMSReader, DataProcessor, and Visual display for this test. All the SMS were sent to 97789564 mobile number. I also tested the backup feature of the DataProcessor. I have configured the configuration file DataProcessor to check backup every 20 min checking. If the “sms_log” table contained more than 30 entries it will take the backup.

I have started the system and let it run for over 1 hour. After that period “sms_log” table was completely empty and the system has created a text file “SMS_log_8_12_2008_6_39_47PM.txt”. This file contains all the test data sent to the system and the size of the text file is 7KB. All the tests were 100% successful.


Fig 1. Test 02 (SMS id vs Time)

Test From To Send Message Count Received Count Message Sent
1 Premiere System - MXR account 97789564 5 5 very long message sent Accidentally very long message was sent
2 6594465747 97789564 2 2 I don't like thunder and rain
3 Premiere System - MXR account 97789564 5 5 Preserve every beauty inside
4 6594465747 97789564 1 1 I don't like thunder and rain
5 Premiere System - MXR account 97789564 60 60 Those colorful bugs that fly.

BlogWall on XP: Test 01

All the applications were developed on Windows XP computers. So they do work on XP computers. I wanted to find out whether there are any adverse effects when the BlogWall ran continually, prior to X-periment 08. This included the SMSReader, DataProcessor and the visual I developed for the X-periment 08. The application ran nonstop close to 1 week. I did few adjustments for the visuals when I come across some glitches. But there were no problems with SMSReader and DataProcessor.

BlogWall on Vista: Test 02

All the applications were developed on Microsoft Windows XP. But the final system may be deployed on Vista. So we wanted to make sure that application does work on Vista. I have setup all the programs we have developed so far on Vista computer and all of them worked without any problem. This test indicates that the application does work on Vista. Still we don’t know long-term effect of running it on Vista. After CBS filming I will setup the application to run on Vista for a longer duration with Makino visual.

LTA visual – 03

This visual is connected to the rest of the application. The shrine gets constructed by poetry generated by the system. But as seen in figure 2 the shrine is incomplete. The reason for that is there is not sufficient related poetry lines for the users SMS. This might be the case for many instances. Therefore I have written a function to randomly generate poetry lines. So if additional lines are needed to create the shrine, this function can be called and find adequate amount of lines to complete the shrine.


Fig 2. Visual 03

LTA visual – 04

This visual is created using the random poetry line generator that I have developed.


Fig 3. Visual 04

LTA visual – 05

Makino has developed following visual with following;

  • no overlap of spheres
  • full-screen (set bool fullscreen = true to enable )
  • randomized position of final selection poem
  • shows final poem clearly


  • sometimes input message sticks out from the sphere, need to warp and centralize
  • better visual
  • sometimes text overlaps in each slice of the sphere
  • no bottom ads
  • no polling visualizations

Fig 4. Visual 05

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