As Of 18 07 2008

Test 01

Initially there were many difficulties getting the test started. For some reason Premiere System was unable to send SMS to the mobile number 83711027. Currently they are investigating the reasons for this. In the main test 01 100 SMS sent at once by Premiere System. The system received all the SMS sent by them but there is a network delay (around 10 min.). The test carried out around 12 noon may have contributed to the delay also. The times stated in the table taken from reports sent by Premiere System and the time stamp of the SMS.


Fig 1. Test 01 (Time vs SMS count)

Test From To Send Message Count Received Count Message Sent Start Time by Premiere Start receiving by SMSReader End receiving by SMSReader Comments
1 Premiere System - MXR account 83711027 5 0 I love thunder and rain 11:49 Test failed
2 Premiere System - vince account 83711027 5 0 I love thunder and rain Test failed
3 Premiere System - vince account 97789564 1 1 Testing 123. I swap the system SIM card with my own SIM card. Then the BlogWall received the SMS but I didn’t received the message.
4 97860532 97789564 1 1 Is later going to rain? Test successful
5 Premiere System - vince account 97789564 5 5 testing 1298. Test successful
6 Premiere System - MXR account 97789564 5 0 I love thunder and rain 11:24 Test failed
7 Premiere System - vince account 97789564 1 1 testing (from vince's account). 11:39 Test successful
8 Premiere System - vince account 83711027 1 0 testing (from vince's account). 11:39 Test failed
9 Premiere System - MXR account 97789564 5 5 I love thunder and rain 12:03 12:03:43 12:03:46 Test successful
10 Premiere System - MXR account 97789564 100 100 I love thunder and rain 12:13 - 12: 15 12:12:32 12:23:51 All the SMS received by the system. But it took roughly 10 min. to receive all the SMS. This network delay is out of our control.

Database support for visuals and Polling

Task 14 and 15 completed

I have written wrapper methods;

Find all information related to polling, such as polling question and the available answers

Needs to be called with in display loop. Which will get the current status of the statistics (how many answers for each of the polling answers).

This function will only get the final poetry line and the users SMS (fast).

Complete information about the poetry, SMS, selected words, synonyms generated for them, all the poetry generated for each of them

These functions will enable the display application developer to concentrate on the display aspects of the application with out worrying about workings of the other parts of the application. I have also written a simple OpenGL application that make use all the functions mentioned above and passed it to Shinsuke



Since the computer is going to be at a public area, it has got to be rugged. We have sourced for industrial PCs and found a company that makes rugged PCs customized to our specifications.

VarTech Systems (

The computer will have the following specs:
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4GB DDR2 SDRam
Graphics Card: 512 Mb nVidia Quadro FX1700
Hard Disk: 120gb HDD

Price: USD$3897.00 (+ USD$165.00 Shipping)
In SGD: (3897+165)*1.3608 = $SGD 5917.57


We have sourced for both LCD panels and Projectors so that we can choose the best type suited to our application.


Brand Model Lumens Power Lamp Lifetime Company Price
NEC NP1150 3700 460W 2000 Spectrum $3800
Epson EMP-1825 3500 286W 2500 Spectrum $2400
NEC NP905 3000 310 2000 Jnissi $1890
NEC NP1150 3700 460 2000 Jnissi $3999
NEC NP2150 4200 460 2000 Jnissi $4299
NEC NP3150 5000 490 2000 Jnissi $5500
NEC NP4000 5200 655 2000 Jnissi $7800


Brand Size Model Type Power Panel Lifetime Company Price
Samsung 46" PS-50A410C1 LCD 480W 100000 Spectrum $3100
Samsung 50" LA-36A550P1 Plasma 390W 60000 Spectrum $2200
NEC 50" P50XP10-BK Plasma 370 60000 Jnissi $4300
NEC 60" P60XM5 Plasma 440 60000 Jnissi $10500
NEC 46" LCD4620-BK LCD 260 60000 Jnissi $5700
NEC 65" LCD6520L LCD 590 60000 Jnissi $24000

Update: We are still awaiting quotations from 2 other companies.


Operating System

Windows Vista has been chosen as the OS due its continued support by Microsoft and also since it runs .Net applications natively.

Windows Vista Ultimate
Cost: $319.95
(Microsoft Windows Marketplace)

Kiosk Mode

Since we need our computer to run like a kiosk, we need a software to to sit on top of Windows Vista to make it a box that has only 2 options – runs our program when turned on and shutdowns when turns off. Another reason for the need for this software is security. It pevents users from deleting/accessing/modifying any files or settings.

Bulletproof Public PC desktop 5.4

Cost: $US69


We would need to purchase a dictionary database (SQL) so that we can directly get synonyms for use in our poetry generating software.

WordWeb Developer SQL Database
Cost: US$999

Estimation of Operating Costs

An estimation of the operating costs, excluding maintenance, for 1 year with the entire system running 24/7.

Assuming power consumption of 200W for PC and 450W for display and 22.62 cents per kWh ($0.2262)


  • The power consumption for the display can vary accordingy to what type of display is chosen - plasma or lcd or projector/screen.
  • If the projector is chosen, the lamp lifetime also needs to be taken into account. For an entire year of operations, about 2 lamps will be need to purchased. Assuming $300 per lamp, that would cost an additional $600.

Total Running Time = 365 * 24 hrs = 8760 hours

Total Watts = 200 + 450 = 650

Estimated Operating Costs = (650 * 8760)/1000 * 0.2262 = $1287.9828

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