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Processing SMS from the database/ Testing

Task 12 –Working on now

DataProcessor is the application that process SMS found by SMSReader further. The main task of it is to locate poetry. If the polling mode is enabled it can identify polls and update polling database.

Reading the configuration file
The configuration file contains information how the application is going to work. It is located in “Data” folder. When the application is initializing it reads following information from the “settings.cfg” file. The order they read is very important.

  • No of keywords selected from the SMS, we get synonyms for these words, default is 3
  • No of synonyms selected for each keyword, default is 1, if this value is 2 it will select 2 synonyms for each keyword and it will generate 2 poetry lines for each of them
  • Connect to Internet to generate synonyms?
    • 1 -> YES
    • 0 -> NO, If there is no Internet connection we can not connect use Internet connection, so this should be set to 0, default is 1. The application does not fail even there is a failure in the Internet. But it is a good idea to set this to 0 if there is no Internet.
  • Enable removing of banned words. If a banned word is in the SMS it is no longer displayed. It is also removed from the SMS table. Default is 1.
    • 1 -> YES
    • 0 -> NO
  • Maximum length of the SMS. If the SMS is too long we may have trouble in displaying it. This set the maximum length, default is 100. Note, that this is the text length of the SMS
  • Polling enabled, default 0
    • 1 -> YES
    • 0 -> NO


If the polling mode is enabled system has to initialize the polling functions. In the database “poll” and “poll_answers” are the two table related to polling.


System can have many polls in disabled state. If poll_enabled=1 indicates that it is the active poll in the system. The display application should display that particular poll. “poll_answers” contain answers for the poll. “Order” is the display order of the answers. “Votes” is number of votes it got from users.

When the system initializes it find the current active poll id. Then calculate number of answers available for that question. If polling answers not given or no active polls available it will end the functioning.


If the polling is enabled, when the system received the SMS text it check whether it is a numeric. If it is and it falls with the number of answers found earlier it will update poll_answers table. It identifies which one to update by “order” field. So the front end application should index the answers with correct order value.

SMS Testing

I have found following company to test the SMS functioning in Singapore. They agree to do a demo for me so I went to their company to have a look at their software. We can use their software to send large number of SMSs. They have also provided me with the changes for their services.

Premiere Global Services (NYSE: PGI)
72 Anson Road #11-03 Anson House Singapore 079911
Direct Line: + 65 6419 5105
Direct Fax: + 65 6490 4504
Mobile: + 65 9786 0532
Customer Service: + 65 6419 5100 (option "2")

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