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BlogWall at X-periment exhibition


Fig 1. BlogWall at X-periment exhibition

The BlogWall was showcased at X-periment exhibition from 15 to 17th August 2008. It was held at Marina Square, Singapore.


Publication Date: 15 Aug 2008
Publication Date: 15 Aug 2008



The system ran for 3 days. I wanted to keep the setup running continuously but the organizers turn-off the power. So we couldn’t test continues operation of the application. But I have tested the application running long periods before. The main test was to check how the system manage user SMS. During the 3 days of exhibition the system received 142 SMS messages. There were no runtime errors or crashes in the application. The application seems to be very stable. But the visual that we used is not the one we are going to use for the LTA. I have observed that the users really like the application and I have seen many people taking photographs with their SMS and the poetry generated by the system.

We have a sign above the LCD display stating; create poetry by sending SMS to 8371 1027. But somehow many people didn’t seem to get the idea behind the setup. For LTA setup better way to convey the message has to be found.

To simulate what has taken place during the exhibition, I used the log and recreated the entire event SMS sending. The application managed to process all the SMS received without any problem. I also noted few messages with banned words. One message was very intentional message with banned word. Other messages not so intentional but all of them were removed from display. It seems the users did notice that their message didn’t appear and send messages without any banned words. Since we recode phone the numbers of the users who send message with banned words, their good message were also not displayed.

LTA visual – 06


Fig 2. Visual 06

LTA visual – 07


Fig 3. Visual 07

LTA visual – 08

  • advertisement implementation
  • minor visual enhancements


  • better visual
  • sort ads by order
  • image-ads is still broken
  • no polling visualizations

Fig 3. Visual 08

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