As Of 29 08 2008

LTA visual – 08


Fig 1. Visual 09

There is a run time error in this code. Most likely it is caused by memory leaks.


  • SMSReader completed
  • DataProcessor completed
  • PosTagger completed
  • Offline dictionary integrated
  • Automated backup completed
  • Banned phone number holding completed
  • 2 tests with SMSReader and DataProcessor completed
  • Integration with Makino visual completed
  • Text visualization completed, improving
  • Advertisements and Polling for visual added, not 100% functional
  • 700 poems added
    • 1000000 entries in keyword and poem line intermediate table
  • Janaka is working on documentation
  • Administrator documentation completed
  • SMSReader developer documentation completed
  • Janaka has given all the BlogWall team members detail description about the application
  • Pass all the source code to Ken and Nimesha
  • They have setup the application to run in the BlogWall computer
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