As of 30-05-2008

PHP website to add poetry to the system


Fig 1. Website to add poetry

Task 2 – Completed

Data entry operators can add poetry to the system using web based application. The system required large number of poetry to function properly. It is a single PHP file called “blogwall.php”. This is setup in one of the computers in the lab and Rashika has been adding poetry to the system.

It requires PHP (5), MySQL (5.0), and Apache (2.2).

The initial version of this has been developed by Ram. I have done some modifications to it so that it work with the current table structure.

The application adds the data to a temporary table “poem_table”. The data in this table needs to be later processed and moved to the actual tables used in the system.

The application “PosTagger” does this task.

Tool to extract web based poetry data to the system


Fig 2. Extracting poetry

Task 4 - Completed

The main task of PosTagger application is to transfer the data collected by the PHP website into actual tables. The English POS Tagger was not developed by us. For more information on it refer to;

Tsuruoka Y., and Tsujii, J. Bidirectional Inference with the Easiest-First Strategy for Tagging Sequence Data. In Proceedings of HLT/EMNLP, 2005, pp. 467-474.

PosTagger only process entries in “poem_table” field “poem_processed” set to value 0. After processing it set it to 1 indicating it has been processed.


Fig 3. Data flow diagram of POSTagger

Backend support

Tool to calculate IDF of the database

Task 5 - Completed

PosTagger only transfer the data to the system it can not calculate IDF. Simple tool has been developed to calculate IDF of the system. Every time new poems added to the system IDF has to be recalculated. The administrator only has to press start button to start the process.


Fig 4. Calculating IDF

Tool to add/Edit emotional weights/ prefix to the system

Task 6 - Completed

This tool enables the managing of emotional weights in the system. Administrator can add/ delete emotional weights in the system. Similarly the qualifiers can be managed using qualifier manager.


Fig 5. Emotional words


Fig 6. Emotional words qualifiers

Tool to recalculate emotional weights of database

Task 7 - Completed

Every time new poetry added to the system or new emotional words added to the system Emotional weights need to be recalculated. The administrator only has to press start button to start this process.


Fig 7. Calculate Emotional weights

The poetry manager (COMPLETED)

The poetry manager allows the administrator to manage poetry stored in the system. They can use the website to add poetry to the system. By deleting a poet it would delete all the poems by him.


Fig 8. Poetry manager

Swear words(COMPLETED)

Swear words or band word manger will mange the band words in the system. If any of these words appear in the SMS it will not display. The SMS processor application (Task 12) will make use of these.


Fig 9. Swear words

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